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Leadership Change the investment criteria of Food ordering & delivery industry in Kuwait & GCC. Housing a wide variety of cuisines from international and local restaurants /production, Tazweed is the go-to destination for food. No matter what cuisine or restaurant you are craving.

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Many items and kitchens verities of local and international cuisine, Tazweed guarantee the best food manufacturing & ordering service with a click, choice your favorite food pay instantly and get your dish hot and fresh in no time.

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Why Us?

What we do?

Tazweed care and importance of understanding the needs of our customers to provide them with the best quality products during the lowest possible time. Selecting your delivery address and browsing favorite kitchen menus is easier and then paying to digin on time. Using computer or smartphone, the favorite food ordering process becomes easy and smooth.

Future Look

The future vision and aims to have Tazweed Company products and services global benchmark “quality and perfection”, and there is no way to active competition and participation globally only when the quality is the basic criterion in all that we do. From this perspective it is imperative converting quality than just theory to reality life controlled implementation under well trained management from top pyramid executive to base through following and implementing total quality program of HACCP.


Many companies are fighting to survive in the global economy today and increase the competitiveness of the manufacturing program Tazweed delivery and implements t a unique method to reduce costs, eliminate waste, increase productivity, maintain high standards of quality and take profit


“Guests venerate” is Arab mark, and this particularity Honorable took pride in their nations did not have a lock outweigh generosity. As well as in Tazweed Company the hospitality considered an important barometer of the culture in the food service. Guests venerate is a duty and our basis of work

The food

Tazweed Company offers a richly varied menu of authentic Kuwaiti, oriental, Middle Eastern and Asian food served with our own touches.

Our Restaurants

Tazweed is the go-to destination for food. No matter what cuisine or restaurant you are craving.

Kitchen Equipments Division

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